Centennial Countdown

Centennial Countdown

From 2014, the year that the City of Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival, to the summer of 2019, the historic business district has experienced a rather dramatic renaissance. The building that now houses Beale Celebrations figured prominently in that...
Bridging The Chasm


It has cast a long shadow over Front Street, now Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66) for more than 110-years. It was the first three story building in Kingman, Arizona. Even though it wasn’t quite as classy as its neighbor the Hotel Beale the Brunswick Hotel was the...
Ghost of Christmas Future?

Ghost of Christmas Future?

Last month I shared a glimpse of the future that is built on what was started in 2014. In that post I noted that Kingman, and what was then a nondescript building at the heart of the historic business district, a former J.C. Penny’s (now Beale Celebrations)...
Is Kingman The Land of Opportunity?

Just Imagine

Let’s take a moment to imagine, to give flight to fancy. Let’s take a moment to dream, and perhaps, to find ways to make the dream a reality. First, a bit of history. In 2014 the City of Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival. The building that...
Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

Beale Celebrations located in the heart of Kingman’s historic business district with its neon trimmed facade, distinctive neon signage created by Legacy Signs, and turquoise color is not easily overlooked. Not even in a vibrant district where neon signage,...
Ghost of Christmas Future?

Let’s Have Some Fun

The Beale Celebrations building at the very heart of the historic district renaissance is more than just an ideal setting for events, conferences, and concerts. It represents tremendous opportunity for someone with vision. As it the building is a direct link to more...

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